klk015 | LOD | Neurospasta

“Neurospasta” shows the concern of an artist to find new destinations in his music career. More in line with his other projects like Felhfakt or Krater where speculation is a key component, the new work along LOD is a certain twist that adds richness to his work.

“Neurospasta” is happily an album difficult to classify in which stylistic boundaries are blurred and intersect in a mosaic wisely engaged and wrapped in layers of seductive atmosphere, silence and digital beats.

The generic ¨experimental electronic¨ genre with a minimal approach by the use of resources, could help to guide us, but really there are many corners in which venture that are discovered progressively, which invites its gentle and twilight tone, an intriguing cinematographic and cirptic atmospheres. All this is no obstacle to finding moments of strong emotion and intorspection with organic-sounding melodies and an special care of small details that distill warmth.

LOD bet on a new album by a free and comprehensive sound exploration, which distills a good deal of ambient and dub, and a heady sauce of sound with touches of jazz, electronica and avant glicht techno.

Neurospasta is becoming also a platform where different painters, visual artists, choreographers, musicians, etc are invited to participate to do their personal interpretation of the concept behind it. Amanda López, Cristina Ruano, Cynthia, Carmelo Fernández, Irene León will participate on the different live performances and exhibitions of “Neurospasta”. credits released October 17, 2010