klk014 | Krater | Harmonic Tremor remixes

Harmonic Tremor ” was the album debut of Krater, an audiovisual project developed during 2006, half way between Barcelona, Berlin and Canary Islands. It was an album highly praised and well received by multiple specialized media and has been staged in many parts of the world, garnering critical acclaim and success thanks to this proposal in which sound and image are an inseparable tandem. Klitekture label releases a compilation of remixes of this great work by a roster of musicians linked to the Canaries canaries immersed in the avant-garde experimentation plus three great german talents, Frank Bretschneider, Mapstation and Thomas Brinkmann.

The key idea has been given absolute freedom to the remixers, encouraging them to speak on any of the sounds present throughout the entire disc, and the result is a universe of sonic exploration that reveals different styles and attitudes. From the reductionist revisions by Lars Ullrich, Fehlfaktor and LOD, to most hypnotic and noisy interpretation of Bretschneider and Mapstation, with its snippets of krautrock and the delicious eclecticism of GAF, Tupperwear and Thomas Brinkmann that distills doses of dub, jazz and techno.

Some remixes have respected the sound of the original work while others have overlooked them, but all of the remixes…

released October 1, 2010