klk016 | Alex van Heerden | Tribute

This is a tribute album for Alex van Heerden, a musitian and a great person who passed away in 2009. All this works have been done, using sound and ideas from his different projects, by artists who have had a close relation with him or that have had the same vision of this music world and also have had the same respect for our work at sinergy-networks and klitekture. Thanks to all for participate on this project and very special thanks to Alex for all. We will allways remember you !!

Alex van Heerden manifesto: …”I hear a new music, and it excites me. I am a producer of electronic music myself, and I would like to assist in the creation of a new genre that we can all share in. I encourage producers to leave the safety of narcissistic Europe, and to come and make music with the rest of the world. Journey to places free from the tyranny of rigid rhythms and equal temperament. Let’s abandon paranoia. To paraphrase Nietzsche, let’s create something ‘stronger, more evil and more profound; also more beautiful.'” Alex van Heerden

released March 1, 2012